Why Choose Fujing Fish Pond Aerators?

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Have you considered purchasing the reliable, long term used, rapid aeration, saving energy and power aerator?

We recommend Fujing Aquaculture Aerator with no reservation for you!

Non-phase sequence wiring is adopted to avoid damage in generators due to the lack of phase, which is good news for the remote mountainous region, making up for the gap in this section of market. The easy way of installation enables you to install a piece of equipment within three minutes (the wiring of all generators won’t be influenced by phase sequences).

The aerator has set soft launching for the slow launching of the equipment, so that there will be no damage to fries, shrimp seeds and juvenile crabs used in the pond, not to mention impact on power grids.

The power factor is high, so there is no need to add external compensating settings

Important components of equipment are all imported, controllers can adjust the volume of aeration through remote control, or optional functions can be controlled with cellphone APP, realizing the operation of monitoring machines with fixed time and speed, bringing great improvement space for the future intelligent breeding technology.

Transmission without gears with the efficiency of transmission up to 80%, greatly improving various drawbacks of traditional transmission with gears on turbo machines and lengthening service life

Increase the dissolved oxygen in water, capable of improving the surviving conditions of fish, increasing the density of breeding and accelerating the growth of fish. It is an indispensable type of equipment in productive fishponds.

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