Fish farm Feeder

Fish farm Feeder

Fish Feeders For Farm Ponds

Microcomputer programming is adopted for control. The LCD display screen is humanized. It is applicable to all kinds of breeding water. The distance of bait throwing is far and the thrown baits are evenly distributed with low consumption of electric energy. The controller of the host is a multifunctional computer intelligent controller, and all of its parameters and settings have the function of automatic storage, saving frequent setting. It has fully automated mode, ordinary mode, automatic detection of the lack of materials and intelligent recognition of blackout. Under the fully automated mode, there is no need for artificial intervening setting, and you only need to add fodder.

How To Use The Automatic Fish Farm Feeder?

Place the bait feeding machine on the windward position of your pond, around 3 meters from the pond. The machine shall be installed around 1 m from the surface of the water in the pond. During installation, please ensure the balance and stability of the machine. Fasten the feet of the machine on shelves with iron wires, or the equipment shall be placed on special PE double-layer plastic boats.

  1. Switch on the power, and the red pilot lamp of “power” will be turned on, while on LCD display screen, the working condition and parameters of relevant settings on the controller will be displayed.
  2. Press the button of “start/stop”, and the machine will automatically enter the working state. If there is no fodder, operation will stop automatically in three minutes, and the machine will enter standby state.

Pond Lake Fish Feeders Instruction:

1. The bait feeding machine must have safe electric grounding that conforms to standard requirements of electrical engineering so as to ensure personal safety.

2. As the equipment is relatively close to water while being use. Use electricity safety, conduct regular inspection to prevent electric leakage and interruption of power supply.

3. Electricity leakage protection devices must be installed in electric circuits.

4. The machine can’t be started when there is thunder or rain, the power supply of the machine must be cut off to prevent damage in generators.

5. When the machine is started, no person shall stand in front of the outlet port, no hand or foreign matters shall be reached in the outlet port, so as to prevent accidents from happening.

6. Power supply must be cut off first during the maintenance of bait feeding machines and sweeping the dusts in the machines.

7. Please start the machine before putting in fodder each time the machine is used, so as to prevent obstruction of feeding structure with a lot of fodders.

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Rated Powder (KW)


Quota Voltage


Frequency (HZ)

Feeding Distance (m) 

Maximum Feeding


Feeding Area (m2)

Motor Rotation Rate(rpm)

Feed-box Capacity (kg)

 Application (acre)












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